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We have created a friendly Challenge Events where runners can choose do what distance they wish within the type limits of the event. These are typically six hours to 24 hour endurance events on track & multi terrain surfaces.

A runner only needs to complete one lap to be an official finisher. We usually try to create loops that allow a runner to also finish a marathon type distance fairly closely. At the end of each lap a runner can choose to stop, sound the air horn to signify they are done for the day or carry on and complete another lap( a runner can rest at any time and then carry on within the time limit. If you complete over 26 miles then you’re an official marathon finisher, over 27 miles then an official ultra finisher. (These are declared distances, not what it may say on a GPS device!).

We’ve found this style of events are very popular as partners and friends can take part in the same event and complete different distances at different speeds, or runners can use them for “long runs” building up to marathon distance or just to run in a zero pressure friendly environment as there is no pressure to go fast or slow ( It’s Your Pace ).

Nobody minds how quickly or how slowly you go and indeed its very hard to figure out who is “first” or “last” and it really doesn’t matter, the important thing being that runners enjoy themselves in friendly environment.

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