21st Century Tanning Ltd

205 Shields Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE6 1DP Directions


Waste of money

Absolutely disgusting customer service, sunbeds are good however the lady with short black hair clearly should not have a customer service job...paid £15 for a block booking, advertise open till 6pm.
Not open till 6pm I have been on tues, thurs and sat between 5pm and 5.10pm and always closed today I managed to knock on the door and delightful lady with awful customer service opened the door and said we are closed.
I stated on the door you advertise you don't close till 6pm and this has happened a few times so I'll have to go elsewhere...her response "well iv told you before if quiet we close early so go elsewhere"
Seriously who turns a customer away never minds speaks to them in that way.
I'll be trying to use the block booking iv paid for then going elsewhere.
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Should be closed to due to health and safety

As a regular sunbed user at indigo sun which is in North Shields.. which I must say myself is a excellent tanning salon!
Today I was I the byker area and attended the 21st century tanning which is based on Shields road... I was greeted with AWFUL customer service (short black hair woman) very rude.. not welcoming in anyways
Was Told to fill in a form which was differcuilt to see due to a black background on the questions
After doing so I was walked around the the back end of the store.. and put in a room and wait for the timer to come on
Timer took 20mins to come on (was not impressed at all)
When I stepped into the stand and tan... it only remained on for 30seconds and then a loud bang came from the standing unit... I quickly got dressed and informed the woman with the black hair at the counter to let her know it was out of use.. as a lady I remained polite at all times! However the woman was by NO means a lady as I was shouted at and told not to return to the shop! Disgusting
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