123 Cleaners Ltd

123 Shirland Rd, London, W9 2EW Directions

   Open today 07:30 - 22:00

Business overview

123 Cleaners provide a general laundry and dry cleaning facility. They also provide an alteration service. Carpet cleaners are also available.


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Products & Services

Mending / Repairs

wedding dress cleaning

tumble drying

tailor alterations

table linen cleaning

suit cleaning

suede cleaning

steam cleaning

stain removal

sleeping bag dry cleaning

service washes

sewing alterations

bed linen cleaning

blanket cleaning

curtain cleaners

duvet cleaning


Taken to the cleaners

A whole set of bed linen went missing I complained time and time again. I left messages for the management in-store. I left a letter too. Finally, after so much pushing I got a call from management. He promised to call again (over a month ago). I haven't heard a thing.
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Lost my bedlinen

Could not find my bed linen and claim that they gave it to another customer by mistake and three days later they still have not found it !!! No one replied to my emails. Lady on the phone keeps spinning tales with varying details every time I phone her with NO actual help …. Please return my bedlinen. Asap.
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Avoid this place! They lost my duvet cover and a single pillow case. I only have two sets of bedsheets which I rotate on a weekly basis. I dropped off a bed set from the White company consisting of 2x pillow cases, an under sheet and a duvet cover. When I dropped off my second set I collected this set only to discover the duvet cover was missing. I returned to drop off some things and when I mentioned it the lady in reception took no accountability and said “we never put things in different bags”, she didn’t even bother looking to see if it had been misplaced. The same happened again, with the pillow case. When I rang to address these missing items she blamed me and then said they have CCTV to prove I only left what they returned me. They also ruined my Club Monaco cashmere jumper. It came back with bobbling and the texture was weird. . I have used many dry cleaners but non of them have lost my belongings then tried to gaslight their mistake. Unprofessional and totally dishonest.
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This place is an absolute disgrace. The staff (including and especially the manager) are incredibly rude, with a terrible attitude. That aside, I was told I had to pay extra for pleats, when I got the item back the pleats I paid extra for were shocking. A two year old could have done a better job. I was told I had to pay extra for ‘expert leather cleaning’ the item came back damaged and the stain was still there. Of course they accept no responsibility and everything is the customer’s fault. Please do not waste your money or your time just to have your items ruined or returned to you worse than when they went in. Disgusting.
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Wrecked item, no sense of responsibility

I chose this cleaner based on the detail on their website which stated that they had experience in laundering wool-filled duvets. But they have ruined my king sized Devon Duvet. And they’re trying to weasel out of replacing it by quoting me the price of a new replacement (like I won’t check myself!) and saying it “depreciates like a car”. I’ve checked with the manufacturer and this duvet says it must be line dried - which 123 ignored and cooked it in the dryer, wrecking it.

Don’t use unless you’re prepared to play Russian roulette with your possessions.
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