100 Club

100 Oxford St, London, W1D 1LL Directions

Business overview

100 Club is a night club that offers a lively atmosphere with different sounds such as Jazz, Blues, R 'n' B and Pop in a smoke-filled, steamy basement. There is a restaurant serving Caribbean food.



Not very impressed with this place at all.. The most arrogant people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with in my life. Rude, unfriendly and way too expensive.
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A Great Experience!

When I was a teenager up in Scotland far too many years ago, I used to read adverts in Sounds and the NME for Punk bands like the clash and Pistols appearing at the 100 Club and would dream of being able to attend these gigs.

Well 30 years on the 100 Club is alive and well and still putting on excellent shows.

I managed to catch the Blockheads there recently, and apart from the Pinstriped city boys trying their best to be one of the crowd with mockney accents, it was a brilliant night.

Its in a basement, its crowded, the bars are too busy, it gets very hot, but the atmosphere is electric and the acoustics ring!

The club has a great system where you can order tickets for gigs online, pay by paypal, then you give your paypal name at the door and your let in....tremendous. The tickets were very cheap considering the rip-off prices you pay at some venues.

Give it a try....its a different and enjoyable night out and they have some great acts. Chuck Berry is appearing there soon!!
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Kubichek! rock the 100 club

I recently went to see Kubichek! play at the 100 Club on Oxford Street. I had a great night but that was probably more down to the band and atmosphere rather than the venue.

A group of us headed to the club around 8 after a couple of drinks at The Endurance on Berwick Street. The club was pretty empty when we arrived but it quickly filled up.

Shortly after the first band had finished, my girlfriend's flatmate Carly returned from the toilets with a rather bemused look on her face. She relayed the joy she'd just had in the bathroom....with the hand-dryer.

I went to explore for myself and found a Dyson hand-dryer, hung sleekly on the wall. The dryer is so powerful it almost takes your hands off! But, back to the night...

By the time Kubichek! came on stage we were a few pints deep and were ready to (try and) sing along at the top of our voices. The band played a high energy set. Top tracks were Nightjoy, Outwards, Stutter and Hometown Strategies.

As for the cost of the night, the drinks were normally priced for the area so we paid around £10 for three pints. I don't mind paying this much, but am not so keen when the beer is watered down and are served in plastic glasses! From memory, the entrance was around £7 which is pretty good for seeing 3 bands.

In all the club has a good policy of showcasing new bands, but by itself the 100 Club is not that memorable.

As for the band, Kubichek! are a new band from Newcastle. They're getting a lot of attention at the moment so you should definitely check them out if you get the chance.

After the club we headed to The Stockpot in Soho as some cheap, late-night eats were in order.
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