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Sarahjane Nutrition specialises in chronic health problems such as diabetes, autoimmune conditions, arthritis, inflammation, sleep problems, mood changes and anxiety and depression.

Nutrition is based on an individuals history and present circumstance. After an initial consultation, a specific plan is drawn up with recommendations on dietry and lifestyle adjustments.

We get to a point in our lives where we have had enough of feeling tired or unwell. Together, we look at the underlying drivers which may be contributing to your symptoms and look to pinppoint the cause rather than just the symptoms.

Lots of research goes into Sarah's work and her commitment is to help you to help yourself see fantastic and long lasting results.

I used a mixture of science backed research and holistic practices which looks at other factors involved when a person is out of balance.

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Easy, delicious and quick. We don't need to be chefs to create beautiful and nutritiuos food for ourselves and our loved ones.
To have optimum nutriton we need clean water. There are many chemicals in tap water so for best results, get the best water filter you can afford.
Nutritionist advice is not just about foo but lifestyle advice such as quality sleep. Without enough sleep we are much more prone to health problems and the ones we already have will likely be exacerbated.
Nort only exercising but being outside in nature has too many good effects to list! Better mental and emotional health is one.


Initial and follow uo Nutritional Therapy consultation

Products & Services

Anxiety Management

Allergy Testing


Sleep Problems


Herbal advice


Mood changes




Blood sugar control

Weight control



Autoimmune conditions

Combating stress


Gut health



  • British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy


Good Help :)

Sarah was really easy to speak with and had sound knowledge to help. Pleasant experience and helped with my issue.
29 Aug 2021
Really glad to hear John. Thank you.
29 Aug 2021
Really glad to hear John. Thank you.
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Knowledgeable , Professional and Effective.

Sarah was so helpful and knowledgeable that she immediately put me at ease . She was extremely thorough and took her time to make sure she had all the information I could give to give me a plan appropriate to my needs . She was sure to stay in contact with me for the duration , giving me encouragement and guidance whenever I needed it . The plan itself really did help with the issues .
07 Jul 2021
Thank you for a wonderful review Nigel!
07 Jul 2021
Thank you for a wonderful review Nigel!
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