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Your Move deal in the sale and letting of properties nationwide. Phonelines stay open until 10pm in the week and until 8pm on the weekends.

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    LIARS, UNPROFESSIONAL, PUSHY, RUDE...WOULD AVOID A PROPERTY BEING MARKETED BY YOUR MOVE AT ALL COSTS!!! A NEW LEVEL OF BAD ESTATE AGENTS! 1. Firstly they lied to us about the property having building regs, they said it did, no it didn't which caused a lot of problems towards the end of the sale. 2. They pushed us to the brink of wanting to pull out. 3. They tried to stop us from collecting the keys on the day of completion so the seller could be in the house longer! Cost us a fortune to put off the removals for another day! Had to get solicitor involved in the end to get the keys. 4. They threatened us with the seller pulling out and told us we would cause her a "nervous breakdown" if we went back into the property during completion to measure up for new doors and check boundaries!! 5. Borderline harassment. I usually don't mind estate agents, they are usually harmless, but these are on another level. They are pests, unprofessional, pushy and they get personal. They kept telling me to keep the sellers divorce in mind?? What?? This is business, why all the need for personal information?? I called my solicitors daily to push them, what more could they want? It completed in 8 weeks, so what was the problem? 6. Seller left dog poo in the garden so I said to push the sale through could they ask the seller to clean up the dog poo so I don't have to get solicitors involved and Emma said "Even if I have to do it myself there will be no dog poo" and behold the day we move in there is dog poo all over the garden and rubbish everywhere. Do not believe a word they say! They will lie to you through the whole process. The response I get from most people when I tell them to stay away from Your Move is "I've heard they are not very good!!!"

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