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  1. Dog was sick after leaving kennels

    3 by

    The kennel is nice and the staff appear friendly and caring.. Collected use my Vizsla this morning. She looked very lethargic as she is usually bouncing about. Took her for a quick walk before setting off home and she was sick it was a massive amount.. And again on the drive home. It certainly doesn't have the consistency or colour of her usual food. So I called them.. Was told she managed to get to an other dogs sick Nd that has started her off. And the reason for the change of dog food was because she stopped wanting it her usual food so they fed her Chappie instead. The John Burns puppy is the only food she has ever had so that sounds questionable. . As I write this make that her 3rd sick episode. Thanks guys

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  2. My dog loves Valley Kennels

    5 by

    Chloe spends every working day at Valley Kennels she loves everyone and all her fellow kennel mates. The staff are so friendly and obviously adore animals and are so good to her. At weekends I have to find friends for her to play with. I would recommend Valley Kennels to anyone and regularly do.

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  3. Dieting dog GAINED 1.6 kilos

    2 by

    While holidaying in the USA, I boarded my 7 year old beagle with Valley. At both the pre-boarding visit and when dropping off our dog, we informed the staff that our dog was on a strict diet of 100 grams of food per day, but were assured that this would be followed to the letter. In combination with this assurance and the fact that 2-hour woodland walks are advertised on the website, we set off on our holiday, in the (mistaken) knowledge that our beagle would most likely continue to lose weight. We had left 2.6 kilos of food with Valley Kennels(enough for a 26-day stay at the kennels), it being hurricane season in the USA, to account for even the worst of delays! Imagine our horror upon returning after 19 days (we decided to pick her up early, to be met with what can only be described as an obese dog! When questioned, (how much have you been feeding her?) the girl at the kennel said that our dog's food had run out that morning. Now, excuse me if my arithmetic is wrong, but 2600 divided by 100 equals 26, does it not? (At least it did when I learned about division at school in the 1970's). I asked how many and what duration her walks had been and was given the somewhat evasive reply that "the weather's been absolutely horrible" (which I took to mean few or no walks). We took our dog and left, visited a local pet shop which has digital scales similar to the ones at our vet practice and discovered that, in the course of 19 days, she had GAINED 1,600 grams when she was supposed to be on a diet. I called up the kennels, left a message on the answering machine, explaining that I had a few questions regarding my dog's care and I would appreciate it if the owner of the kennels would call me back. To their credit, they did call back the following day, assuring me that their measuring cups were specific to the food type supplied for the animals. When asked how then, if she was so strictly fed, had she gained almost 10% of her body weight in only 19 days, I was given the same answer. I asked about her walks (remember that the kenneling fee of £10 per day is advertised to include 2-hour daily "woodland walks", the woman from the kennels stated that the weather had been terrible (although this had not stopped me having to walk my dog daily, nor many other dog owners) and that this meant that the walks had been only of a 40 minute duration. I found this difficult to believe since my dog's harness was just as spotless as it had been on the day we dropped her off! Surely, if you are running a kennel with a dog-walking service, it is prudent to actually WALK the dogs in all weathers? And perhaps, if your staff are afraid of a little rain, to purchase appropriate protective clothing to keep them dry (or is that just me applying common sense?) In summary, I would not use this kenneling service again and would actively discourage anyone from doing so (and will do so if asked my opinion in future).

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