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Our cover cream is widely recommended in hospital dermatology and skin clinics as well as leading beauty salons.

Our Veil Cover Cream was an early leader in the field of Cosmetic Camouflage and was first formulated in 1952 by our founder Mr. Thomas Blake. He was a forward thinking and inspired cosmetic chemist who was asked by a pioneering plastic surgeon to formulate a cover cream that would hide post-operative scars.

His creation was an immediate success in the new field of remedial camouflage and has continued now for nearly 60 years. Our cover cream has helped many people with different types of skin blemish to look and feel good.

At Veil we still follow the original and unique manufacturing process using pure and simple raw materials which makes our cover cream effective and easy to use.

The range of shades has been expanded since those early days so that we can now offer a wide range of natural shades to suit all skin tones.


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