The Mobile Phone Doctor (UK) Ltd,

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  1. Fair and reasonable

    09/09/2014 by

    The assistant at the front of shop was very polite and took the time to explain to me what would be required to repair the phone. The price was broken down to make sure I understood where my money was going and how long this would take to repair. Once I received the phone back it was in fantastic condition and worked better then ever before It took 30 mins longer than expected but I would have no issues with recommending these to anyone else.

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  2. poor service

    17/08/2014 by

    all they care about is getting your money constantly telling people parts are on order etc, will no give you the phone if the repair has started, trouble is all the repair shops in swansea city centre and neath are owned by the same person. i found a guy on facebook called Swansea repair he only charges £5 to £10 per repair plus parts from what i can remember, money back if not happy with the repair and hes a samsung trained tech too, my phone was under water for 2 hours and he manged to bring it back to life. I take all my phones to him now.

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  3. Poor Service

    18/06/2014 by

    OK so my iPhone 5 screen was smashed, I went to the phone doctor and dropped my phone off in morning and afternoon had phone call saying ready to be picked up so I was very happy. I got there and phone LCD was flickering, I said thats not meant to happen, the guy said no its not, give me an hour and I'll get it sorted this happens from time to time. I came back in an hour it wasn't ready, he said it will be 20 minutes, came back still not ready, he said it was on its way so I stood by the shop for a further 20 minutes. I was late to pick my daughter up from school but it finally turned up. After getting home it started flickering again, tapping the phone with finger and if phone was on vibrate and someone called it sounded loose, also loud speaker wasn't as good. Anyway it was useable and after the hassle I had decided not to go back down there just stick with it. After a month the glass just cracked, under no real pressure. I am not one to moan normally or leave negative feedback on ebay or anywhere in general, so I went back to the shop and explained situation but would not rectify the situation and fix my phone, so now I am £80 or down or whatever I paid and have a cracked screen so I am not happy. Maybe I was was unlucky and they are a good company but from my experience I would not recommend anyone having phone repairs from here.

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  1. Screen repair broke my WiFi

    03/01/2014 by

    The front line staff in the market are helpful and friendly Took my phone in for a new screen and a new battery and got my phone back and was pleased with repair. But now my WiFi doesn't work and the Tech staff rudely accused me of causing the problem by opening the phone myself. I'd go somewhere else with a better aftercare service if I were a potential customer. Don't risk a lottery of future problems. Their 'warranty' after repair may as well not exsit.

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  2. in reply to "the mobile phone doctor"

    19/03/2013 by

    When I rang up to ask how long it would take to unlock my Nokia,I was told it would take 3 days! They did not keep me updated,I had to ring them to find out what was going on at least twice a week.there was no communication on their behalf whatsoever! After waiting 3 weeks,Id had enough as when i spike to them,their "system" was still down,and they could not tell me when it would be up and running again,so i decided to cut my losses and use another company.stay clear of these guys,their "system" is RUBBISH!!

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  3. inreply to joanne

    08/01/2013 by

    this customer brought her nokia for unlocking, when the lady called she advised it was a nokia and was estimated £20.00 over the phone, when he handset was taken too the workshop it was discoverd due to the age of the handset the normal unlocking process was not compatable as the mobile was newer than our software. as an alternative we offfer the customer the chance to continue the unlock but through a server based company that could do the unlock. it was unfortunate that the company had a number of problems with there system, we did keep the customer aware of this and did advise that because the unlock would still go through just delayed that for that reason alone we would not refund, if the compnay had said that it would not be unlocked then a full refun whould have been given

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  1. Excellant Service

    27/12/2012 by

    Very knowledgeable and helpful assistant problem with screen on granddaughters I phone Xmas present screw missing and needing re sealing fixed within 2 hours cheaper repair than returning to supplier due to postage etc. happy granddaughter would use again many thanks

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  2. dont bother!

    17/10/2012 by

    Im not usually one for writing reviews, but I thought of share my experience with others to make you think twice about using this company.i was quoted over the phone £20 to unlock my mobile and was told it would take 2-3...great?...well dropped my phone there a few days later,on the Friday and payed my £20 and was told my phone would be ready by the Tuesday and they would ring me to pick it up,I got home after dropping it off only to be phoned up to be told it would cost an additional £20,so £40 in total,but I didn't mind too much to be honest,still less than buying a new phone! Tuesday appeared and I heard nothing from them,so o contacted them and they tood me their 'system' is down and that theyd give me a call back when they knew more.i heard nothing.i phoned them up 11 days after id dropped my phone off and said that I wanted it back with my £20 refund because it was taking too long,they'd excuse was the same,their 'system' was down,they did say it could only be another few days and it would be ready,but when I said how they would know it would be only a few days,they weren't sure and said it could be a month!!!! And that they wouldn't be refunding my £20.i went there that day to collect my STILL unlocked phone,id had enough! What an easy way of earning £20,just keep the phone until the customer gets fed up and dont refund them!! Awful customer service! Please beware of this place!

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  3. Reply to Ebert

    06/10/2012 by

    In reply to Ebert posting , the gentleman as detailed in his review got his Iphone 4 wet, as a result it was not switching on. we at The Mobile Phone Doctor managed to recover the phone to near complete working order, liquid damage is something which main mobile retailers will not touch, never mind repair. the only non repairable issue we had was recovering the camera due to the fault being located on the main board. a highly delicate part of the phone. we at the phone doctor did advise the customer that because of liquid damage not every repair can be 100% repaired. the fact that it was non working i.e dead and now the customer can use 99% of the phone we consider to be a fantastic outcome. as for the price, its a fair one to pay as our engineers spent around 20hours working on this phone.

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  1. Good service.

    01/09/2012 by

    Recently got an unlock on my (awkward to unlock...) smart phone. The assistant was polite, helpful and more knowledgeable than in other phone shops I've approached. The cost was reasonable and the work was carried out correctly and on time. Considering it's a small market unit, it seems to carry an excellent range of phone accessories. No hesitation in using them again.

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  2. Very disappointed in their service!

    15/08/2012 by

    I definitely regret taking my phone here. They charged me 75 pounds and my phone is still broken. I live in the U.S and was visiting Swansea for 10 days. I had gotten my ohone wet and it went out so I brought it in for repair. A few days later they gave me back the phone. It didn't work. The camera was still broken, apps would switch on without prompting,etc. I brought this to their attention and they said they had to reprogram it but it would be ready the next day, They kept saying it would be ready the next day for over a week. Finally my flight was leaving and after having it for over a week they still had not fixed it. They charged me 75 pounds, guaranteed they would fix it, didn't fix it and refused to refund the money. Dont get your phone repaired here!!!

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  3. Iphone

    25/06/2012 by

    i took my iphone 4s to the phone doc, because i had broken the screen, the guy was very helpfull and informative about the repair needed and best of all the price was competative and the repair was done in an hour and half.

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  1. Xbox Repair

    05/05/2012 by

    Put my xbox in for repair, it had red ring of death.. shockingly, Offered good repair service and reasonable price. it was in a day! Good customer service, good repair what more can you ask for from a repair shop!

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