The Crown Tavern

  • Tel:  020 7253 4973

43 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0EG

The Crown Tavern is a Victorian pub whose interior still reflects this with its etched glass panes and decorative mirrors. It was once a music hall too but it lost its appeal and part of the building was sold off. Today, The Crown Tavern serves a variety of beers, wines and spirits as well as an assortment of traditional homecooked English dishes. Catering for private parties of up to 70 guests is available upon request and seating on the terrace and pavement is provided, weather permitting.


Services and products

  • Outside Seating
  • Food
  • Pool Tables
  • TV for Sporting Events
  • Vegetarian Dishes

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  1. Hit & miss

    2 by

    The Crown Tavern 43 Clerkenwell Green, London After last Sunday sitting outside in the sun and eating the most amazing roast beef dinner with 3 of my friends who all agreed to come back this Sunday 9th June 2013 and repeat the same, Sadly the predicted SUN stayed in but that did not deter us as we found a great table inside. The 4 of us ordered the same as last Sunday Roast beef. What arrived looked ok ish but the Yorkshire Pudding was burnt, the roast potatoes looked like and tasted like new potatoes but the worse was the expensive roast beef as it took me and my friends over a 100 chews to get the beef flavour out of this look alike beef cuts. I spat mind out, my friends swallowed out of per lightness and we all left the rest of the so called beef. When asked how is your meal I said we can't eat the beef it's too chewy the response was the chef agrees and would like to ofer you a single portion of coil flower cheese to share and 2 free pints of larger to compensate the 3 non edible beef roast dinner we could not eat and returned??? I feel that if they had offered to change the chewy beef for roast chicken Or pork or nut roast I would have not wrote this, it's how a they dealt with the problem and palmed off there cost onto the customers, 30 minutes later they were still serving up this chewy meat to customers who paid £14 not a good practice for future Bussiness. I'll give it a miss for the next 12 months and hope a change in management will kick in.

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  2. Clerkenwell charm

    4 by

    I don't know what is it with Clerkenwell, but many of the pubs there have a special atmosphere like The Crown Tavern. It is a very busy bar and we struggled to find a place. We ordered some olives and wedges. The olive portion is huge... It is a wide glass full with them and it is addictive so watch out... The wedges were alright. It took quite a while for the food to arrive but somehow it was understandable. I would definitely go again sometime.

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  3. 3 by

    The Crown Tavern is an excellent spot for a pint after a long day of work. I agree with Duncan's review below, but it won't matter soon as there will be smoke free London on 1st July. It could get busy especially on Thursdays and Fridays, go right at 5 to secure a table. Also patio is an illusion as half the outside tables are from the lil sandwich shop next door, you'll be asked to move after 5:30pm.

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  1. Not a bad little pub

    3 by

    I have been here a few time and it is a good spot with a vibrant atmosphere. One draw back is it can be a bit smoky but other than the, the bar staff are a good laugh. It can be easily recognised with it's rocket ship sculpture parked perched on the street outside.

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