Unit 3-4, City Quay, Camperdown St, Dundee, Angus, DD1 3JA

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All you can eat Chinese buffet 7 days a week.

Based at The City Quay area of Dundee we are open 7 days per week serving buffet style Chinese cuisine. See our website for more info and to view our menu.

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  1. Sardine-a-rama

    01/10/2008 by

    Four stars, for the home of the deep-fried peanut-butter sandwich? You've got to be kidding. Eating in this place is a claustrophobic experience, where at busy times you'll be crammed closer, cheek-by-jowl with rather more well-fed Dundonians than is comfortable for anyone (like sardines, hence this review’s title). Admittedly it a while ago when I went so things might've changed all round - but when I read another review on this site which likened the restaurant’s décor to that of a hospital canteen – great description, by the way - it gave me instant flashbacks to my only visit there (so apologies if I’m remembering the details wrong) where my abiding impression was of yellowish cream coloured walls and a long, narrow dining room - steaming hot and teeming with too many people. The best and to my mind only redeeming feature of this place was its easy accessibility by car – easy to get to and there is free parking in the regenerated waterfront area on which this restaurant is situated. Ample parking in fact, as many of the other businesses there seem to have failed. It serves mediocre nosh but it's cheap though. If you’re up for all-you-can-eat dining in Dundee, I’d advise you to go the nearby and also inexpensive Jimmy Chung's (to which I am in no way affiliated) instead.

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  2. Friendly and cheap!

    02/09/2008 by

    My mum and dad go here often - they love it!! It's great value for an all you can eat buffet - the menu changes weekly so there's always something different. There's also a salad bar and dessert bar with a small range of different things. The staff are so friendly that i'm pretty sure if something wasn't right for you they would help you and do anything to make you feel better! Despite being a buffet you kind of expect buffets to not have a very wide range of foods but this one has quite a wide range! My mum and dad visit here often and are always really pleased with it, i have only been here a few times but i also think it's well worth going to if your after a meal out and don't want to spend alot of money but want to feel really full afterwards :)

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  3. Students treated differently

    29/08/2008 by

    They have nice food here, it's definitely better than Jimmy Chungs but the range is smaller. I've found the service to range from indiffernt to downright unhelpful. I came here with a party of ten other students (prebooked) and despite sitting at the same table we were each asked to pay seperately before eating and they wouldn't allow us to pay by cards, it had to be cash. We also had to prepay whenever we wanted new drinks. One of the students wasn't eating and wasn't allowed to sit with us. The other times I visited looking less studenty I never had to pay in advance. My friends reported similarly.

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  1. Fantastic I love this place

    26/08/2008 by

    I come here at least once a month and absolutely love it. The choice of food is vast, something for everyone. It's not going to be the best meal you will ever have in your life but it's a buffet and as standards of buffets go this is the best. The food tastes incredible, the staff are extremely friendly and warm, the music is not too loud, just enough to create a nice atmosphere. There is a salad bar if you fancy a light starter, soups, spicy dishes, non spicy dishes, meat dishes, veggie dishes, everything really. I cannot fault the food at all. I haven't found the food overly oily at all, you can really taste the flavours of the food, yes it's standard UK chinese food but the food is always hot and tasty. Nice environment too on the waterfront.

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  2. Wide range, Friendly Staff

    21/08/2008 by

    I love coming here as the service is great and there is a wide range of food. My favourites are the duck with plum sauce, all seafood dishes and the mushroom and ginger. The menu changes from week to week so it doesn't get boring. There is a small salad bar so there are plenty of fresh options, and also fresh melon. They also do one of my all-time favourite dishes - Peking duck with pancakes. There are no sloppy nearly empty dishes languishing - food is always fresh and well-presented. Once, when they had stopped doing a dish I liked, they made it specially for me. They serve tap water which is good for a buffet as some refuse. The desserts are great too. I love the banana fritters but they also have ice cream and cakes. It's well worth a visit if you're looking for a cheap well-prepared meal.

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  3. Cheap but delightful

    07/01/2008 by

    For a buffet costing £5 expectations were low. However, this place offered a very wide selection of dishes. Choices for everyone. The quality of the food is decent enough! Definitely worth a mere five pound! If you enjoy chinese food and are looking to eat out very cheap, visit this place! It also looks out onto the docks/harbour and can be lovely in the evening. Well worth a visit if your on a tight budget but still fancy going out for a meal.

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  1. 23/07/2007 by

    Buffet restaurants are never great, but this place is especially bad. Nearly everything is uber greasy! The decor is atrocious too - it's like eating in a hospital canteen or something! Cheap, but I won't be back

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