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Salon 108 has been established over the last 30 years,We pride ourselves to provide a professional service at all times , whilst maintaining the highest quality .

Salon 108 is open 7 days a week, with late appointments available on Wednesday ,Thursday and Friday.

We offer a wide range of hairdressing services for men , women and children.

You are welcome to pop in and shop at any time during opening hours. Browse through the extensive range of " Home Luxury Hair Care "

Only first class products stocked from :-


Help and advice is always on hand.

Hair consultations are free

You can now book on line,

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  1. Fantastic

    18/06/2014 by

    Having just read the two reviews dated 18.2.14 and 19.8.13 both slating Salon 108, I felt I had to write in. Firstly, by the time I had finished reading their ramblings I had no doubt that both reviews had been exaggerated, as is often the case when someone wants to put their side of the story across. I have been a fairly regular customer over the last few years and can honestly say the reception you receive on arrival is always warm and welcoming, yes on the odd occasion you may find a couple of girls around the front reception desk, but surely that is human nature if you find yourself with a few spare minutes, and surely when someone walks in through the main door you are going to get looked at again that is human nature and not in the slightest bit intimidating as has been described. The stylists are always talkative and more than willing to advise on what best suits your type of hair or facial features. Being a male client that advice is rarely needed as my style is 'short' but being nosy I have often overheard advice and suggestions being given and are sometimes astonished at how 'pig headed' some woman are, they have hair like straw but want a cut like Victoria Beckham. So please ignore the ramblings of a couple of disgruntled Victoria Beckhams, and have no fears about booking in with Salon 108, I always book with Lauren, as does my wife,

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  2. Great Salon

    08/05/2014 by

    Over the years I have been to many hairdressers and have often felt a little out of place. From the moment you walk into Salon 108 you are made to feel welcome and at ease. All of the staff are really friendly and Becky who actually cuts my hair is brilliant. Keep up the great service you all provide. Mrs Colliver.

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  3. Amazing

    08/05/2014 by

    Having had a botched hair cut many years ago I went to Salon 108 to have my hair put right. Since then I have been a regular customer for many years. It took me a while to find a hairdressers who was able to cut men's hair how I wanted it. The salon is always clean and tidy even in busy peak times. The staff are always polite and courteous and I am always made to feel extremely welcome. I have built up a good relationship with my hairdresser and never feel that dreaded uncomfortable feeling that I have always felt in other salons. I find the price to be extremely fair and competitive with other salons. The salon has always been very accommodating even when I am running late. Will remain a loyal customer due to the quality of cutting and the amazing customer service I have received in Salon 108! Would happily recommend to anyone, and since I have been having my hair cut in Salon 108, have also now encouraged my mum and sister to both go there for their haircuts!

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  1. Very pleased!

    28/03/2014 by

    My first visit to 108 and after reading the previous reviews, was slightly worried! I needn't have been as I was made very welcome by the receptionist who also made me a welcome cup of coffee while the stylist I was booked with became available. When I first walked in four girls were behind the reception and all turned to look at me which was a bit intimidating and might put other clients off. My stylist was very friendly and listened to what I wanted and also made some other suggestions. I was very pleased with the end result and will certainly be booking again.

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  2. Disgusting!

    18/02/2014 by

    I too do not normally write reviews,but i couldn't believe my 68 year old mothers experience in December 2013. My mother has been going to studio 108 for over a year now, she went in December for her usual full head or half head highlights and trim. Im absolutely 100% serious when i tell you that she had a £20 voucher and when she came to pay on the way out, they asked her for £170!! this is with the voucher. My mother exclaimed 'how much!' and the extremely unhelpful receptionist first tried to argue that 'yes' it was that much, even tried to say that the time of day (peak) had something to do with it. They called out the stylist my mother had, who agreed that £170 was too much. I believe that then the unhelpful lady on reception stated it was a system error!?! despite mentioning 'peak times' moments earlier. They have now lost my mum as a client and Im telling all my friends to NOT go here. What a shame - not even an apology or token gesture! disgusting. Im happy for The people at Yell to get in touch with me if the hairdresser disputes this, as it is fact!......forgot to mention she did get £20 refunded - had to be cash as they had already put the money through on her card

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  3. Avoid

    19/08/2013 by

    I never write reviews, although I think it is important to read them but on this occasion, I feel necessary to write one. I have searched for years to find a good hairdresser (haven't we all). My local salon - Salon 108 - has always been my go-to hair salon as it is so local and I have been going there intermittently since a teenager. I am not particularly fussy with my hair - no colour - no fancy styling - just a cut and blow dry - usually just a trim. You would imagine cutting hair 24/7 hair dressers would have established the art of a straight hair cut. I have seen (probably most) hairdressers in Salon 108 - from a range of 'positions' in the company.. And I can confirm that you should not waste your time or money going here. After my last haircut there (with a 'senior stylist') I left the salon happily with blow dried hair - thinking I had an ok (if not nice) hair cut. It wasn't until my work colleague asked me a few days later 'are you aware your hair is wonky?' that I realised my haircut wasn't so 'ok (if not nice)'. I went straight home (embarrassed) and straightened my hair and the true horror of a hair cut was revealed. The haircut wasn't just significantly wonky, but there was no 'straight wonky line' ... There were bits of hair that haven't even been cut, the best comparison is that the haircut resembled a heart beat monitor line - it honestly looked like a 5 year old had cut my hair. Rightly so, I was mortified that my hair was in such a state, but frankly I didn't want to go back to demand a re-cut to avoid the awkward confrontation to an otherwise pleasant enough hairdresser. I had to get my accountant mother to try and undo some of the damage so that I felt comfortable to go around in public with said hair cut. I had a significant amount taken off the length - more than I had wanted in all honesty - so I didn't want to have to go and get more cut off at a different salon. I decided I would tie my hair up for a while and hope that it would grow out soon enough. My mum was able to salvage some normality to my hair and I had been growing my hair out for 11 months since. Until the other day. I had booked an impromptu hair cut with my sister a day after my birthday and although my mum had warned me never to go back to 108, I had spent the whole year moving past 'haircut-gate' and as a creature of habit, I compromised by booking an appointment with the director - surely they will know how to cut hair!?!! So, I was on my way to my hair appointment at 9:00 in the morning a day after my birthday. I was running a little late as roadworks were surrounding Bexleyhealth and holding everyone up - dutifully - I asked my sister to call up the salon to give them the heads up that we were running late. They said 'no problem see you soon'. On arriving at the salon door and walking in, my sister and I felt like condemned criminals. Four or five girls were waiting at the front desk with looks that could have killed. Clearly our 7 minute delay had caused pandemonium in the salon. My sisters hair dresser stated that she was happy to cut her hair. However, the director (who I was willing to pay £50 for a trim) had a face like she was chewing a wasp. I felt like a child in school being confronted. After working at a physio clinic for 2 years I understand that people running late can cause problems, but the attitude and diabolical customer service I received from being 7 minutes late was completely unacceptable. I was informed I would not be able to have my hair cut - as I had set her too behind (I wasn't even asked what I wanted done - which was just a quick trim!!!) I was told I would have to wait until midday to have the pleasure of a hair cut from the director - which wasn't feasible as I had to be at work at midday. My sister and I left the salon angry and pretty embarrassed by the way they treated two loyal customers who were about to spend £90 combined on a hair cut. We strolled to the other salon in the centre - Graham Webb - and it couldn't have been more different. The girls were all friendly and accommodating and got both of us in for an appointment there and then. Take my advice - don't waste your money on Salon 108. Not only will they ruin your hair but they have absolutely no concept of customer service.

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