Royal China

  • Tel:  020 7221 2535

13 Queensway, London, W2 4QJ

Always busy, this Chinese restaurant chain serves a variety of authentic dishes and offers a take away facility. This branch can cater for private parties of up to 40 guests upon request.

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  1. Great food but their kitchen has issues...

    3 by

    The food is unquestionably good but... ...recently I visited a friend who had moved into one of the apartments next door and after he found a small cockroach he alerted the porter to it who replied: "It must be a stray from next door's Chinese restaurant. They have the exterminator in on a regular basis". This has put me off slightly. On one hand I am glad they are dealing with any pests regularly but surely they should be able to get rid of them once and for all? Unless that would mean shutting down for an extended period of time, and of course this highly popular Queensway chinese is not going to do that. I really miss their Dim Sum :(

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  2. Still good after all these years!

    4 by

    I have been to the Queensway 'Royal China' many times over many years. It is really the best Chinese restaurant in the area overall after trying most of the others. The Dim Sum is so well known for being among London's best I will not go on other than to say get here EARLY! The menu is large and varied so even fussy eaters should find something to their liking. It is nearly always busy but the staff do their best in an efficient but not necessarily friendly manner. If you are in the area and chinese is on your mind - 'Royal China' should be your first choice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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  3. One of the best in London

    4 by

    I have only been to this branch of the Royal China group for Dim Sum and as with all Dim Sum, the aim is to get there as early as possible, as any good Dim Sum restaurant will have a queue (and that's part of the experience no?) - especially on a Sunday. The Dim Sum was quick and fresh. The Prawns were plump and juicy and all the steamed fares arrived the same on slightly before the fried ones. The staff were attentive enough for me and the bill came to slightly over £26 which unfortunately does put in in the slightly pricier category of dim sum restaurants in London for the seven dishes that we always order to compare with others. Well worth it though it seems.

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  1. Awful...Avoid at all costs

    1 by

    We went here for the Dim Sum but were told that it was only sold during the day.We were cool with that but it was all downhill from there. We ordered a chicken satay for a starter...Urrgh horrendously salty and the chicken had definitely been reheated. The sauce tasted like a nitemarish concoction of gravy, salt and peanut butter. When we complained they just nodded as if to say "like we don't know the food here is mediocre" Their Peking Duck was the only edible thing. I do hear that their Dim Sum is good but avoid if you're looking for a decent chinese meal. BTW they got one star because the review system on this site insists everyone gets a least 1 star! :-(

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  2. Worth the wait...

    4 by

    Worth the wait, as the dim sum is some of the best in London. Oddly located in Queensway, which is far from the traditional Chinese culinary heart of London in "Chinatown" but welcome relief from the madness of Notting Hill. Not the place to take a date, or your grandmother for a quiet meal, more fun with a bunch of mates.

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  3. Legenday dim sum (expect to queue on Sunday though)

    4 by

    Epic Dim Sum (and pretty good chinese food generally). V busy on Sunday afternoon and the resulting queues can take the edge off the experience but worth going at other times or in spite of this.

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