Redcliffe House Luxury B&B

Redcliffe House Luxury B&B

Redcliff Road, HU13 0HA

Tel: 01482 648655

About us

Elegant Edwardian 4 star family run guest house set in an acre of beautiful gardens overlooking the Humber Bridge. We have off street parking.


  • Diabolical service stay away

    29/12/2013 by

    Four of us arrived on Xmas Eve Mia was very welcoming. Even though this is purported to be a LUXURY B&B we found quite the opposite. It was explained that Breakfast would not be available on Xmas day, ok thats fair enough all families want to be together on Xmas day but we were then told that breakfast would not be available on Boxing Day either. Did I read the advert wrongly 'B&B'!! We were told that additional towel would be brought to our room shortly after we arrived, this never happened. for three days all we had was one medium bath towel. On arrival there was less than half a toilet roll available, this lasted until the early hours of Xmas day. We thought it would be replenished, it wasnt, Over Xmas Day and Boxing Day it was like the Marie Celeste there was nobody we would ask for anything. There was a mobile tel number to contact IN AN EMERGENCY. Running out of toilet roll isnt an emergency but it is an essential. We arrived back at 10pm on Boxing day to find a note on our bed that gbreakfast would be available the following day. That was too late because we had no idea what was going on and had made arrangements to have breakfast elsewhere. The bill was paid, I told Mia that we were very unhappy and she was surprised. Why? The service we received, well actually we never received any service at all, it was farcical. To top it all off when we were travelling home my step son who was staying in another room at the B&B told us that their towel had been taken from the bathroom on Boxing day and they were left without any towels at all. Christmas is for families that why we drove 250 miles so that we could be with our family so its only right that the staff at Redcliffe B&B have that time as well but NOT at the full exclusion of paying guests. I have had better service in third world countries and travel lodges that at this B&B and I would never in a zillion years recommend this place to anyone or return their ever again. To sum up:- Redcliffe B&B is a farce book elsewhere, its not cheap either!!!!!!!!

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