Pang's Garden

133 Kentish Town Rd, London, NW1 8PB

  • Tel:  020 7267 3661

About us

Top Quality Chinese and Fairly Priced Takeaway.

Pang's Garden Fish Bar serve a variety of fish and chip meals to take away.


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  • chinese deliveries
  • chinese takeaways
  • curries
  • fast food delivery
  • takeaways
  • takeaway menus
  • takeaway deliveries
  • Fish & Chip Shop


  1. Unbearable to live without

    02/08/2012 by

    Pang's is the best Chinese takeout I have ever encountered. This is because it is cheap, good, and comes quickly. As with every takeout, some things on the menu are nicer than others. But I always get the nicest things so that's never a problem. These are: Pang's Noodles- an ingenius creation that cannot be bought anywhere but Pang's (and if it can then it isn't called Pang's Noodles). This is addictive. HoFun with Beef and Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce. This one makes me roll around hallucinating if I have to live for long periods without it. Sweet and Sour Prawn The crispy seaweed, salt and pepper squid and satay chicken are also top quality. And it's all very reasonably priced. The service is good, and one of my favourite things to do is to order in advance so I can take a leisurely stroll up from my house to collect my Pang's, which is always ready by the time I get there (max. 15 mins). I gave it a top rating on ambience because it's all that anyone would want from a takeaway: there are seats, newspapers and funky pictures of Chinese landscapes, and the whole building smells of Pangs! There may be no candles or waitors on unicycles, but it is filled with an air of excitement that your Chinese food is max. 15 minutes away. As if that's not enough, they also have a chip shop next door. The chips are pretty good, and they do all of the usual chip shop things. Perfect for a post-swimming greasy feast. My personal favourite (next to the chips) is the puffy potato thing that is covered in batter and filled with curry. It kills hunger very effectively, tastes good, and makes me think of an angel's pillow.

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