Oldrids Department Store

11 Strait Bargate, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 6UF

  • Tel:  01205 361251

About us

Oldrids covers a wide range of products including, fashions, beauty, Sport & Leisure, Gifts, Toys & Crafts, Electrical, Home, Garden & Outdoors, Food & drink and Travel.


  1. Good, if inconvenient

    01/10/2008 by

    Although the restaurant is fine and dandy, if a bit expensive compared to other eateries, and is very spacious, it has a couple of serious problems. Firstly, although there are a lot of seats, it's very crowded at lunchtimes...the local OAPs seem to meet here especially every Wednesday and Saturday (market days) and when they're in the house there's not a lot of tables being freed up from hour-to-hour. This brings with it the usual attendent problems of queues moving slowly, people taking ages to choose what they want, and can extend a lunchtime snack into a full length company do. Very annoying. Secondly, the restaurant is on the top floor - there are two lifts which are almost always crowded with OAPs and at the wrong end of the store for the restaurant, so be warned that it's far better to take the escalators in the middle of the store - this does mean if you have kids and pushchairs, you might as well forget it. One upside of Oldrids though is a very small and easily overlooked cafe area, on the ground floor, at the back, by the kids books. They only do a few light snacks and drinks, but their smoothies are pretty fine and not too badly priced, and this place is ideal for those with kids.

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  2. Nice for a snack or shopping trip lunch

    10/09/2008 by

    Located on the top floor of the towns independent family-run department store is their restaurant. Firstly, Oldrids was given the Gold award by the Environmental health department during their health inspection which is THE highest rating for food hygiene standards. They offer a selection of foods from sandwiches, salads to jacket potatoes and a small selection of hot meals, often having a special of the day. there is also a good selection of different drinks, hot and cold, and they are very happy to oblige with any meal requests i.e. if a sandwich is not available to your liking then just ask and their kitchen staff will prepare it. If you are going at lunchtime it can get very hectic. I would often agree to meet a friend for lunch at say 12 noon but there would always be a queue. The food is always hot and I've yet to be disappointed. I do think that some of their prices are a bit high but are actully comparable to other dept stores. When you have got your meal you then have to queue for the till which is always my bug bear as your meal is getting cold. Cutlery is in an area just after the till. The staff do try their upmost to keep a clean and tidy restaurant and always seem to be clearing tables and making sure that everyone has somewhere to sit. Despite having refurbished the area and made more space for tables, at lunchtimes it can sometimes be a bit difficult looking for a spare seat, though there is always one, you just need to look. (Alot of people like the seats near the windows so they can gaze down onto the people walking through the precint below.) I would recommend a cup of tea and a homemade scone. Great if you've just got into town for a shopping trip and want a drink for eleveneses. The toilets are located on the same floor but just a few steps away from the restaurant. these are roomy and clean and there are also toilets for the disabled and baby changing.

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