Northway Tyres

421 Edgware Rd, Colindale, London, NW9 0HS

  • Tel:  020 8205 0027

Services and products

  • New Tyres
  • MOTs
  • Exhausts

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  1. Poor


    This company has been taken over by Kwikfit and it shows. In recent weeks they have fitted different tyres to each axle of my car despite my ordering the same all round (discovered this after fitting and decided to live with it) and then bodged a four wheel alignment, abandoning it midway because of a tight bolt (Hardly any effort made to loosen it) causing the car to pull badly. Went to another local fitter who loosened the bolt with a lot of effort, did the alignment and then charged me £15 less than Northway! Won't mention the name to avoid accusations of being an employee. Friendly front office. Poor effort and skill. Precisely the things that drove me away from Kwikfit many years ago.

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