Morpheus Beds

Unit 1, Riverside, Station Rd, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0EH

  • Tel:  01749 814050


  1. Nightmares not sweet dreams with this company!

    15/06/2012 by

    This company are the greediest, shadiest, worst customer service I have ever encountered and I would advise anyone who would like a good night's sleep - go elsewhere! I bought an upholstered bed for £5000 which later developed a fault. When I phoned a man said oh yes we don't use that system now we have modified it, then charged me £190 to carry it out! Also they charged £75 to collect and £120 to bring back. (I got a van man to do it for £40 each way.) They said this was because they bought the van in but then later said they couldn't bring it back for two weeks as their driver was on holiday. I asked for quote for upholstery - £600 and later came down to £300 to match another quote. To add insult to injury they refused to reassemble the bed when it was returned as they were 'uninsured', unless I paid £40! Customer service indeed! All along the way they were rude, arrogant and kept changing the goalposts (for example I wanted to pay cash on delivery so I could check workmanship which they initially agreed to then withdrew. I had to pay via bank transfer in advance as they would accept nothing else not even cards though their website says they take it all and Paypal. (They wouldn't let me use Paypal either so that I was insured.) Turned our reason COD option was withdrawn is modification wasn't made just a repair to the original faulty system which is not what was quoted. There are a lot of better companies more pleasant to deal with - use them! Worst company I have ever dealt with in my life.

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