Knighthawk Deliveries Ltd

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Suite 18, Access Storage Building, 30, Rugby Rd, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW1 1DG


  1. Great Service

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    Ordered some drinks, fast delivery, professional service. Prices actually pretty decent given the time of night. I read the other review, and it certainly hasn't been my experience.

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  2. Dreadful - be warned

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    Is it possible to give a 0 star rating? Truly sh!t - this company is made up of thieves and liars!! Please don't waste your time, or your money. Just to be clear, I was aware on booking that this was an out of hours booze service. Therefore I was not expecting a maitre'd with a cloche to be waiting outside my house or anything of the sort. I knew that I would be paying extortionately over the odds prices for very average wine, which I was happy with given that there are no other options late at night. I was told I would have to pay £31.00 for two bottles of white Echo Falls, which whilst being daylight (or nighttime) robbery, I agreed to. Therefore I have no issue with any of this as I agreed to it! The problem was that although I was told that my alcohol would be with me within 45 minutes at the very latest, it in fact took 1 hr 15 minutes. The driver also phoned me after 50 minues and told me he was outside my house and that I should come out - a complete lie as he was nowhere near! "Round the corner" type excuses I wearily suck up as I know everyone hears this all the time from all delivery people. But to say he was outside my home, and to make me come out and wait outside, when in fact he was at least 20 minutes away is just very weird. Finally, nearly half an hour later, the delivery driver finally arrives. he charges me £32 for the delivery - ok not a massive difference, but more than I had been told that my order would cost. The wine turned out not to be Echo falls as I had been billed for, but to be the unnamed type that you get for 2.99 in a corner shop, and was truly disgusting. Worse, despite being sealed with an (untampered with) screw cap, it has large brown rotten flakes floating inside it. To be clear, I know there are times when you may want any alcohol, and at any price, and may be tempted to use this service. In summary - don't, it will make you ill. Please, please, can somebody open a decent late night booze service. I amongst others will happily pay £15 for a bottle of cheap warm white wine. Just not cheap white wine that somebody appears to have sh@t in. Thanks for listening. Sal Warwick

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