Golden Fish Restaurant

  • Tel:  020 7837 3547

102-104, Farringdon Rd, London, EC1R 3EA


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  1. yummy food would go again

    5 by

    great value for money great food excellent place to eat have been here a couple of times i would deffinatly go back too! lovely place, great food

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  2. not as good as they were

    2 by

    Used to be my favourite. Last three visits flabby fish. Soz. Does anyone know a place where I can get really good fish and succulent chips (ie not powdery, stale or leathery?) Damned if I do! Stu

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  3. The best you can buy

    5 by

    Fish and Chips are a great British tradition, in a survey I looked at a few weeks ago over 50% of people think that’s one of the main parts of British culture. Apart from that they are just very tasty. Most fish and chip shops will also sell other things ranging from sausages to pies and bread rolls so if you’re not6 a fish person then it’s okay you’ll find something else tasty you like. One of my favourite fish and chip shops is Golden Fish Bar and when I’m in the area I always make sure I pay it a visit. They give you huge portions of food and I always end up leaving some of it but if you only want a snack it’s a great place to go and buy some chips to share with somebody else. What’s different about this fish and chip shop is that it also has a restaurant part you can eat in up until 2pm and then you can just order takeaway food. There chips are always really tasty and the batter on the fish is perfect.

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  1. im stuffed!

    4 by

    Like most fish and chips the golden offers very large portions, and 3 portions of chips is more than plently for four people. The majority of times i have visited the fish has been well prepared and "crunchy" however on one occasion is was a bit oily and the batter suffered. The chips are lovely and fluffy. I wouldn't agree with stu that it is the best in london, but it would be in the top 10 of which i have visited in the area. with the option of takeaway you can't loose with this one and i would stick with the traditional haddock.

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  2. It fishes in the family

    5 by

    Golden Fish Bar is a family-run Fish and Chips shop for 150 years. It's one of my favourite Fish and Chips place. The restaurant is only open til 2pm but you can get take away next door. A piece of rock is £2.30, Haddock is £2.80. Mushy peas are 50p, they also have a range of sausages and pies. They also have daily specials. Their batter is the best, real crispy, even after adding vinegar and onion sauce to it massively, the batter still withstand the liquid and stay crunchy. The rock is the best value, for price and size. Not too fancy about their chips as they're a little undercooked for my taste and not crispy enough. I'm usually full after eating the piece of fish anyway, I could never finish the chips.

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