G & N Hair & Beauty Salon

  • Tel:  07529 131223

55 West Ham Lane, London, E15 4PH


  1. Was ok but a few niggley points

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    Went to cut my hair, maded appointment by phone quoted price of £20 for cut and style. was seen to quickly, wasnt asked what i wanted to be done with my hair beofre being brought to a chair and my hair being washed (had to stop and tell woman i didnt want to wash) no friendly talk, do not know if this was because of language barrier but there wasnt a friendly atmoshpere (at least not with me, a lady speaking their language came and there was some talk between them) while cutting my hair she got abit excited and cut abit too much, i asked for layers all around to cut old colour from my hair, and she did that quite well but then she continued and ended up thining out my hair which im really disappointed about as i love thick hair, instead of blow drying straight she straightened with straightners, quite roughly as well!! which at one point i flinched with the pain! straightening hair shouldnt be painfull, all in all it was ok, wouldnt go back though

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