Fujian White Crane Kung Fu & Tai Chi

The Unitarian Church Hall, 31 Hoop Lane, London, NW11 8BS

  • Tel:  07957 261417

About us

Begin your journey with us - we teach traditional Chinese martial arts, kung fu, and tai chi. Call this instructor to get started.

The Fujian White Crane Kung Fu club has been teaching traditional kung fu and tai chi in the UK since 1977. The style was founded by a legendary woman fighter in Southern China.

We have a track record of excellence in teaching, with instructors who train continually with the Chief Instructor, Dennis Ngo.

Beginners are always welcome and will receive individual attention in main classes and have their own specialist classes available.

Under 13s are taught in their own classes to allow them to use all their youthful exuberance, whilst learning self-discipline and respect for others.

Our learning environment is not based on fighting for competitions (sparring is to learn to use techniques not win points) but geared towards individual learning and achievement. Our aim is life-long learning not short-term fitness - fitness comes as standard!

Services and products

  • kung fu
  • tai chi
  • sports training & coaching
  • sports clubs & associations
  • Children's sports & activities


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