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Fishmongers Fresh Fish and seafood Restaurant and takeaway available

Fish! is a small chain of seafood restaurants, offering a menu with the freshest fish available that day, as well an extensive wine list and a bespoke service. You get to select your own choice of fish, your own choice of cooking and your own sauce to compliment your fish. Booking is definitely advisable. Fresh fish is delivered every morning. This branch was a runner up of the Time Out Eating and Drinking Awards 2001. Within the heart of Borough Market and with a heated terrace overlooking Southwark Cathedral it is the perfect venue for any occasion, they also offer a takeaway facility next door to the restaurant.

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  1. Uninspiring

    11/09/2008 by

    We came here as a party of 5, and we were treated well by the waiting staff. Some of us had menus where a certain type of fish was available but it didn't show on other menus, which was a bit frustrating. I had oysters, which weren't the best I've had. They were a little gritty and generally rather bland. Next, the kingfish (the daily special) as the main, as it was something I hadn't tried before - this, grilled, was meaty and tasty. I found it a bit of a shame that they had the 'build your own meal' option - obviously it was good to have a choice, but it confused some of our party as to which sauce to have (tuna with hollandaise sauce, anyone?) etc. Also the veg accompaniments were small, and all exactly the same, Chinese lettuce with beansprouts and carrots (with hollandaise, anyone?). Some variation would have been nice. Desserts looked tasty, but I was much too full for one. It was just all a bit too mediocre.

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  2. I cannot discourage you enough

    24/01/2008 by

    I am so opposed to this restaurant that I run the risk of ranting, for which I apologise. It is in a marvelous location, it looks very stylish (if somewhat reminiscent of a fish bowl), fresh and as though you should get a great meal. I like the idea of being to chose from a wide range of fish and request how you would like it cooked. However, please, you can't just slap garlic butter or salsa on everything you chuck out of the kitchen and expect it to taste good. It really smacks of a lack of imagination! I am ALL in favour of fish being prepared and cooked simply; good fish well cooked requires so little. And so we come to out next problem. I don't know what the poor sea bass I ordered on my first (and why not my last?!) visit had done to but by God did Chef have his revenge! Overcooked, flavourless, tough, insipid and a curious shade of grey that quite took me back. But that's fine. Chuck enough greasy garlic butter on it and it tastes of... well greasy garlic butter. My friend's tuna steak ("Medium rare please") looked as though it had been scrapped out of a tin and apparently tasted little better. The fresh salad we had with it was far from fresh and drowned (presumably by the same guy who "does" the garlic butter) in a pretty uninspiring dressing. The wine list was uninviting (before you even looked at the prices) and please, do NOT try and offer advice to diners about what wine to drink unless you have a clue yourself! At least let us make our own mistakes! Which is a sure thing with a list like that. I have so far resisted the temptation to rage about the portion size. Are you ready? ARGH!!! How can you make a fillet of sea bass that small?!?! I swear I have had anchovy fillets that are larger than the smear of grey leather tossed onto my plate! And to charge THAT much for it?! How dare you! So. Do yourself a favour, save yourself some money and just don’t bother. Summary: Expensive fish abuse

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  3. Stylish Fish Diner

    10/01/2008 by

    I've wanted to go to Fish in Borough Market for quite some time. It's got a really cool look to it and reminds me of the hair wax I use! What better reason do you need to go to a restaurant! Having spent the morning in the Design Museum and Tate Modern, we felt inspired and ready for some lunch. Clare used to work around the corner so knew exactly where to take us. It's a really cool looking restaurant with a strong orange identiry, not disimilar to a classy version of easyJet's orange. It's like being in a big greenhouse so is beautifully light and airy. Ideal for a friendly lunch. Clare, I found out is a fellow skate fanatic. We both chose grilled skate wing whilst Joe opted for grilled sea bream. You can choose for your fish to be steamed or grilled and opt for a range of sauces or butters. I chose a garlic and herb butter and Clare went for salse verde. The skate was deliciously cooked and the herb butter did a great job of melting all over the fish. The vegetables on the side looked a bit sorry for themselves but turned out to be nutty and sweet. My only minor gripe is that I love skate with caper butter. That salty, nutty, buttery sauce that oozes over the slick meat is an example of protein and sauce that are just made for each other. Each on their own pines for the other. The other sauce that's great with skate is chorizo and and red pepper. We had a great lunch and I would love to return to try the rest of their menu. It's a very stylish place for lunch, especially when you've got the buzz and fun of Borough Market going on outside the enormous glass windows.

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  1. Fish! only if you are desparate &you don't know how to make it @home!

    26/07/2007 by

    Went there because it was looking promising with easy going style and cool atmosphere and with outdoors space available too (seldom found in a London it's valuable). I have to admit I got even more enthusiastic when I had a look at the menu. But actually the food turned out to be dreadful. The seafood I had as a starter was not reminding of anything from kalamari or octopus as I really know it (and trust me, this wasn't because I just came back from holidays in Greece, the ultimate place to have fresh sea-stuff). The fish i had for main was of a few weeks old and I had serious problem to digest it until the next day afternoon... Payed £31 each for one starter, one main (half fish), and 1 glass of judge whether it's worth it...? However as it was a nice weather, we did enjoy the evening, no matter what!...Even if the rails are located just above your head if you sit outside...There is always the bright side of things :-)

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  2. 04/06/2007 by

    In the middle of Borough Market, this airy canteen serves the freshest catch in a clean, unfussy way. Sit outside for lunch in the summer when the market is on and you have one of the best locations in London. Try the swordfish club sandwich...

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