DSV Air & Sea Ltd

Enterprise Point, Altrincham Rd, Manchester, Lancashire, M22 4NY

  • Tel:  0161 947 6589


  1. Terrible Customer Service!


    I hired DSV as my agent to get equipment from Munich to Los Angeles. They used United Air Cargo. United lost my documents and DSV has been very vague and unhelpful as to how I can get replacement documents to get the equipment released from Customs. It's been over a week and $20K worth of gear is just sitting at united and I can't get it. DSV has done NOTHING but say they are talking to United...,but have no idea or plan to get my equipment back released. They might be great to get your shipment somewhere, but if there's a problem, they give you no relief. Terrible customer service, no phone call, just vague emails, no idea as to what to do next!! Beware!!

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